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Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart

Another Country, the new collection of original songs from the two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy Living Legend, is a double landmark for the artist and his fans.

It not only represents a concentrated burst of songwriting activity which is unprecedented in his five-decade career, it’s also a continuation of his songwriting rediscovery -- a gift that returned to Stewart after a nearly two decade long absence with his best-selling album Time and continues through into Another Country.

In describing Rod Stewart’s singular ability as a singer and songwriter, Rolling Stone said, “Rarely has a singer had as full and unique a talent as Rod Stewart - a writer who offers profound lyricism and fabulous self-deprecating humor, teller of tall tales and honest heartbreaker, he has an unmatched eye for the tiny details around which lives turn, shatter, and reform - and a voice to make those details indelible.” 

On Another Country Rod once again embraces those touchstones, bringing the modern insight of a man who’s loved, sometimes lost, and definitely lived to a collection of songs delivered with his timeless, soulful and instantly recognizable voice.  The collection includes folk tinged 'heart on your sleeve' ballads like “Love Is,” mandolin-spangled, guitar-driven classics like “Please,” and “Way Back Home,” a classic fist-pumping anthem “We Can Win,” as well songs which channel sex, swagger and rhythm and blues.

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